• Handling of plankton sampling devic... As a commonly used detection instrument, the plankton sampler can accurately reflect the concentration of microorganisms in the clean room. At the same time, it is also an efficient porous suction mic
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  • Filter specification and specificat... 1. The filter is mainly used to catch dust particles below 0.3um and various suspended objects. Adopt ultrafine glass fiber paper as filter material, each machine is tested by nano flame method, it ha
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  • Interpretation of dust particle cou... Dust particle counter is testing the air dust particles distributed particle size and its special equipment, carried out by a microscope, the microscope, settling tube, dust particle counter experienc
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  • Care must be taken in the installat... Care must be taken in the installation and commissioning details of the biochemical incubator How to use biochemical incubator 1. Open the box door, put the object to be processed into the shelf on
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  • Air purifiers are classified accord... According to the application field can be divided into: household air purifier, car air purifier (also known as car air purifier), medical air purifier, industrial air purifier and engineering air pur
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  • How to maintain the air cover captu... How to maintain the air cover? The hood can be used to make accurate measurements over a long period of time. Some parts can be cleaned periodically. Please follow the instructions below. 1. Pre
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  • Vacuum drying box principle Why do you have to vacuum and then heat up, instead of heating and then vacuuming? 1) the workpiece is put into the empty box to vacuum in order to remove the gas components that can be removed fro
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  • Stainless steel air shower has beco... Air shower can be divided into: top air shower, single air shower, single double air shower, single triple air shower, double double air shower, double double double air shower, multi-person double ai
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