• What to pay attention to when insta... First, the laboratory fume hood-fan selection: The installation of laboratory fume hoods generally uses two types of axial flow fans and centrifugal fans. DC exhaust fans are generally used in labo
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  • Stainless steel air shower has beco... Air shower rooms can be divided into top shower rooms, single shower rooms, single double shower rooms, single triple shower rooms, double double shower rooms, double triple shower rooms, and more. Do
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  • Pure water smoke generator applicat... Y09-010 pure water smoke generator can produce high concentration of water vapor (particle size range: concentration ratio of 1-10um above 80%), high visibility and no pollution. There is no measurabl
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  • How should choose and buy suit his ... Stainless steel transfer window is currently widely used in need of clean environment, stainless steel pass the air shower type transfer window is installed in the clean room, biological laboratory ho
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  • XW-18DL+ Vortex mixer XW-18DL+ Vortex mixer Vortex mixer is mainly used for solvent mixture, liquid-liquid extraction, protein deposition, Chinese herbal medicine extraction, extraction, cell pesticide residues particle
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  • The purpose of super clean worktabl... Ultra clean worktable ultra clean worktable is a universal type of local purification equipment. It can effectively eliminate the harmful effects of suspended particles and process dust in the air of
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  • Wh-1 temperature and humidity press... Wh-1 temperature and humidity pressure difference tester 1. An overview of the Wh-1 temperature and humidity differential pressure tester adopts imported sensors to monitor the micro-pressure di
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  • Filter specification 1. The filter is mainly used to catch dust particles below 0.3um and various suspended objects. Adopt ultrafine glass fiber paper as filter material, each machine is tested by nano flame method, it ha
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