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  • What are the requirements for the exhaust sys... Exhaust mode of the biosafety cabinet: directly through the filter of the safety cabinet to the outside of the building. The filter can be installed in the pressure exhaust system of the full-exhaust
    2023-09-20 16:15 1 次
  • Characteristics and scope of use of sterile t... The integrated stainless steel casing design of the enclosed bacterial collection instrument: all adopt L304 sanitary grade stainless steel, which solves the problem of sterile rooms Requirements for
    2023-09-13 11:24 20 次
  • Sharing of items and standards for clean room... 3. Pressure difference The purpose of this test is to verify the ability to maintain a certain pressure difference between the finished facility and the surrounding environment, and between Spaces wi
    2023-09-06 09:31 23 次
  • Sharing of items and standards for clean room... 1. Wind speed, air volume, ventilation frequency The cleanliness of clean rooms and areas is mainly achieved by sending a sufficient amount of clean air to replace the particulate pollutants generated
    2023-09-06 09:28 18 次
  • Will the use of biosafety cabinets cause envi... Biosafety cabinets are mainly used in biological laboratories, and the following are some experiments that may produce pollutants: Cultivating cells and microorganisms: Experiments on cultivating cell
    2023-08-30 09:18 31 次
  • Is the high-efficiency filter leak detection ... The leak detection of HEPA filters usually uses a PAO generator to emit dust upstream of the filter, and uses a photometer to detect the aerosol concentration upstream and downstream of the filter to
    2023-08-16 09:12 24 次
  • Dust particle counter and PM2.5 dust detector Both dust particle counters and PM2.5 dust detectors use the principle of laser scattering for particle detection, but their application fields are different. The dust particle counter is used to dete
    2023-08-09 13:43 35 次
  • Double single air shower If you have ever encountered an awkward situation on a journey where you are wet but cannot find a convenient place to dry your clothes and hair. Now, in public places such as highway service areas or
    2023-08-02 08:34 38 次
  • How to determine the sampling point of the du... In order to meet GMP specifications, clean rooms used for pharmaceutical manufacturing need to meet the corresponding grade requirements. Therefore, these aseptic production environments require stric
    2023-07-26 09:25 44 次
  • How to perform DOP leak detection on HEPA fil... If there are defects in the high efficiency filter and its installation, such as the filter itself has small holes or the installation is not tight to form small cracks, it will not achieve the predet
    2023-07-24 09:05 43 次
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