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  • The potential problems of anemometer icing ar... An anemometer is also called an anemometer. To put it simply, it is a portable and intelligent low-wind speed measuring instrument with the basic function of measuring wind speed. It is used in measur
    2020-09-21 08:01 1 次
  • Purification principle of air purifier Air purifier (also known as indoor air purifier) Air purifier is usually composed of high-voltage generating circuit negative ion generator, micro fan, air filter and other systems. It is widely used
    2020-09-19 08:45 5 次
  • The history of fume hoods Fume hoods are essential equipment in almost all laboratories, from teaching LABS to research LABS to industrial LABS. Fume hoods remove these substances safely from the immediate working environment,
    2020-09-15 10:17 14 次
  • The development and characteristics of anemom... Invented in the 1920s, anemometer requires a thin wire to be placed in a fluid. The current heats the wire, making it hotter than the fluid, so the wire is called a "wire." The length is generally in
    2020-09-11 08:23 21 次
  • Stainless steel shower is a highly versatile ... As a member of the purification industry, stainless steel air shower achieved purification effect? Of course. Current purification and sterilization are very important in many occasions, which makes p
    2020-09-10 16:11 24 次
  • The use and characteristics of anemometer The purpose and characteristics of the wind meter The intelligent pressure air flow meter is a multi-function pressure air flow meter with high measurement accuracy, stable performance and easy operat
    2020-09-07 09:15 29 次
  • Illumination Incubator Plant Growth Chamb... The light incubator has the function of over-temperature and sensor abnormal protection to ensure the safety of the instrument and the sample; the selection of a full-spectrum plant growth lamp is con
    2020-09-05 11:12 58 次
  • Questions about the audit trail 2 11. Question: Can the person in charge of the laboratory have administrator authority, for example, to implement audit trail review? Answer: Yes, as long as she/he does not personally perform analy
    2020-09-03 08:14 61 次
  • Some questions about the audit trail 1. Question: Is the analysis data generated during the verification of the analysis method considered critical data? Answer: No. Because these data are released after the verification process is co
    2020-09-03 08:12 46 次
  • Application scope of Class II safety cabinet Class II safety cabinet application scope _ the working principle of class II safety cabinet is mainly used for clinical diagnosis, teaching and to group related to serious diseases in the broad spect
    2020-09-01 08:11 46 次
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