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  • Air sampler The plankton sampler is suitable for the air microorganism detection in pharmaceutical GMP factory, dairy factory, hospital operating room, biological cleaning, fermentation industry and other clean r
    2022-12-07 08:47 1 次
  • Requirements for bacteriometer to perform ste... Bacteria are everywhere. In order to protect patients from harmful bacteria and other pathogens, pharmaceutical companies use bacteriometer sterility tests, which touch on strict rules to minimize the
    2022-11-30 08:42 12 次
  • Is it necessary to turn on the fan when using... The birth of the ultra-clean workbench effectively meets the requirements of modern industry, photoelectric industry, biological system and scientific research and test fields on the cleanliness of th
    2022-11-23 08:38 19 次
  • Precautions for the use of biosafety cabinet ... Biological safety cabinet Product Features 1, air curtain isolation design, prevent internal and external cross pollution, air flow 30% exhaust 70% internal circulation, negative pressure vertical lam
    2022-11-16 10:22 29 次
  • What is the level of clean area of the ultra-... Ultra-clean workbench clean class cleanliness :100 (International IS014644.1 standard CLASS5). Ultra-clean table is a one-way flow air purification equipment that provides a local dust-free and steril
    2022-11-09 08:59 37 次
  • What are the main structures of the box of th... Biological safety cabinet is a box type negative pressure safety device for air purification that can prevent the aerosol escape of some dangerous or unknown biological particles during experimental o
    2022-11-02 08:39 42 次
  • Are there any requirements for the installati... As a kind of safety equipment widely used in scientific research, teaching, clinical inspection and production in the fields of microbiology, biomedicine, gene recombination, animal experiment, biolog
    2022-11-02 08:38 83 次
  • Guidance on the selection of biosafety cabine... III biosafety cabinet is applicable to laboratories with Class III or Class IV biosafety level. 3. Ventilation connection of biosafety cabinet Class II A1 type and A2 type outdoor biological safety ca
    2022-10-26 09:04 52 次
  • Guidance on the selection of biosafety cabine... 1. Class II biological safety cabinet Class II biosafety cabinet is also called laminar flow biosafety cabinet. The difference with the industrial level biosafety cabinet is that the entry After HEPA
    2022-10-26 09:02 51 次
  • Difference between B2 biosafety cabinet and A... Difference between a2 type biosafety cabinet and b2 type biosafety cabinet 1、 Emission difference of air flow: 1. The exhaust air of A2 type safety cabinet returns to the room after high-efficiency fi
    2022-10-26 09:01 44 次
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