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  • Summarize the basic knowledge of laminar flow... Core Tip: The ultra clean workbench is a one-way flow air purification device that provides a local dust-free and sterile working environment. Widely used in medical and health, biopharmaceutical
    2023-03-22 09:05 15 次
  • Summary of basic knowledge of laminar flow ca... Ultra-clean workbench is a one-way flow air purification equipment that provides a local dust-free and sterile working environment. It is widely used in scientific research and production departments
    2023-03-15 08:57 22 次
  • How to choose the two types of clean bench? Ultra-clean workbench is widely used in medicine and health, biopharmaceutical, food, medical science experiments, optics, electronics, aseptic room experiments, aseptic microbial inspection, plant ti
    2023-03-10 09:05 23 次
  • Principle and maintenance measures of biosafe... The biological detector of the biosafety cabinet uses physical methods to test the safety protection performance of the Class II biosafety cabinet. It has three working modes: personnel protection, pr
    2023-03-01 09:31 34 次
  • These requirements need to be met when instal... B2 Biosafety cabinet is generally composed of two parts: box body and bracket. The box body mainly includes the following structures: air filter system, external exhaust bellows system, sliding front
    2023-02-22 08:28 55 次
  • How to distinguish biosafety cabinet, fume ho... 1、 Fume hood The fume hood is designed to remove corrosive chemical gases and toxic fumes during chemical experiments. Because there is no HEPA filter, the fume hood cannot effectively remove microbia
    2023-02-15 09:07 35 次
  • What problems should be paid attention to in ... Core tips: The classification of biosafety laboratory is based on the degree of harm of the experimental object. Generally, the biosafety laboratory is divided into four levels, of which the first lev
    2023-02-08 08:33 44 次
  • How to use the laminar flow cabinet in a food... 1. Working principle The principle of ultra-clean worktable is that in a specific space, the indoor air is filtered by the pre-filter, compressed into the static pressure box by a small centrifugal fa
    2023-02-01 09:24 46 次
  • The second class A2 biosafety cabinet is defi... The working principle of the two-stage A2 type biosafety cabinet: the air enters the negative pressure air duct from the front fresh air outlet and fully mixes with the air in the cabinet, then is sen
    2023-01-11 08:44 45 次
  • How to reduce the energy consumption of fume ... How to reduce the energy consumption of fume hoods? The fume hood adopts the exhaust structure, which can discharge harmful gases, which is the premise of safety for our use. Different equipment in t
    2023-01-04 08:50 72 次
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