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  • pass box for clean room The Pass box is a kind of auxiliary equipment for the clean room. It can be said to be a clean mirror. It consists of the left box body, the right box body (the interlock device is installed in this b
    2021-02-23 13:38 0 次
  • Sampling test procedure for planktonic bacter... The planktonic sampler is a highly efficient porous suction sampler based on the Anderson impact principle with an impact velocity of 10.8m/s, which is equivalent to the fifth grade of the Anderson im
    2021-02-20 10:40 9 次
  • Application of laser dust particle counter in... With the development of modern biotechnology, biosafety has attracted the close attention of scientists and technicians in the biological field. Generally speaking, for the safety of biological experi
    2021-02-19 13:44 12 次
  • Is frequent use of the air shower room harmfu... As we all know, the air shower is mainly used to remove dust from the human body when working in the air shower, but for those who work in the clean room, they must blow through the air shower every d
    2021-02-01 09:10 52 次
  • How often should the air filter in the air sh... How often do the air filters in the air shower room be replaced? I believe that there are not many people who can clearly explain this issue. According to experts in the air shower room, 90% of the us
    2021-01-27 16:00 62 次
  • The role of dust particle counting in the pha... In pharmaceutical, electronics, microbiology and other industries, environmental cleanliness needs to be strictly checked to meet relevant standards and product quality. Including a variety of clean g
    2021-01-22 13:46 68 次
  • What should we pay attention to when using cl... Double single ultraclean make workbench is a supply part of the working environment with high degree of cleanliness, general air purification equipment, has the advantages of low noise, mobility, can
    2021-01-22 13:43 71 次
  • Are FFU and laminar hoods the same after all? FFU with primary, high efficiency two - stage filter. The fan inhales the air from the top of the FFU and filters it through the primary and high efficiency filter. The filtered clean air is sent out
    2021-01-21 08:57 54 次
  • Air flow capture hood is used to collect air... The air volume cover is mainly composed of three parts: the air volume cover body, the base and the PDA. It is mainly used to collect air volume in the chamber. Applicable Scope: 1. The air flow at
    2021-01-06 16:05 71 次
  • What parts of the air shower are easy to dama... What parts of the air shower are easy to damage 1. Glass on the door of the air shower 2 air shower interlocked door magnetic 3. Door closers on the door of the air shower 4. Filter in the air sho
    2021-01-06 16:02 71 次
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