• XW-18DL+ Vortex mixer XW-18DL+ Vortex mixer Vortex mixer is mainly used for solvent mixture, liquid-liquid extraction, protein deposition, Chinese herbal medicine extraction, extraction, cell pesticide residues particle
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  • The purpose of super clean worktabl... Ultra clean worktable ultra clean worktable is a universal type of local purification equipment. It can effectively eliminate the harmful effects of suspended particles and process dust in the air of
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  • Wh-1 temperature and humidity press... Wh-1 temperature and humidity pressure difference tester 1. An overview of the Wh-1 temperature and humidity differential pressure tester adopts imported sensors to monitor the micro-pressure di
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  • Filter specification 1. The filter is mainly used to catch dust particles below 0.3um and various suspended objects. Adopt ultrafine glass fiber paper as filter material, each machine is tested by nano flame method, it ha
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  • The main function of fume hood is e... Is mainly in the role of the fume hood exhaust effect, in the chemical laboratory, experimental operation produce a variety of harmful gases, odor, moisture and inflammable, explosive, corrosive subst
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  • Air sampler use, operation method Phytoplankton sampler is a commonly used detection instrument, which can accurately reflect the concentration of microorganisms in the clean room. Today I will mainly introduce the basic application k
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  • Operating principle index of stainl... Stainless steel air shower operation guide: A. Put sticky dust mat on the front of the stainless steel air shower to remove dust particles from workers' feet; B. Personnel entering the barrier e
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  • Effect of wind speed on filter In most cases, the lower the wind speed, the better the filter works. The diffusion effect of dust with small particle size (Brownian motion) is obvious. As the wind speed is low, the airflow will st
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