• BFE mask bacteria filtration effici... The mask bacterial filtration efficiency tester adopts dual gas channels to simultaneously compare sampling methods, which improves the accuracy of sampling. It is suitable for performance testing of
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  • The fly-1b type air flow meter I. overview: FLY - 1 b type air flow meter using pitot tube type principle, carried out on the wind pressure, many times more automatic detection, produce the average volume (m3 / h) has the characte
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  • Fume hood placement The laboratory fume hood is not a small piece of equipment. The normal size is 1500x850x2350. Where should such a large piece of equipment be installed? Many people will habitually place the ventil
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  • If the clean environment requires h... The medical and health industry needs a very high-level clean environment when conducting research and development. In response to this demand, the industry has designed a special medical ultra-clean
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  • Types of anemometers 1. Thermal anemometer A tachometer that converts a velocity signal into an electrical signal and also measures the temperature or density of a fluid. The principle is that a thin wire (called a hot w
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  • What to pay attention to when insta... First, the laboratory fume hood-fan selection: The installation of laboratory fume hoods generally uses two types of axial flow fans and centrifugal fans. DC exhaust fans are generally used in labo
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  • Stainless steel air shower has beco... Air shower rooms can be divided into top shower rooms, single shower rooms, single double shower rooms, single triple shower rooms, double double shower rooms, double triple shower rooms, and more. Do
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  • Pure water smoke generator applicat... Y09-010 pure water smoke generator can produce high concentration of water vapor (particle size range: concentration ratio of 1-10um above 80%), high visibility and no pollution. There is no measurabl
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