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  • Introduction of muffle furnace and precaution... 2. Muffle furnace equipment cleaning: (1) The furnace tank is cleaned once a week during continuous production, and the cleaning of the furnace tank in intermittent production should be carried out i
    2022-01-25 09:27 86 次
  • Introduction of muffle furnace and precaution... Classification of muffle furnaces Muffle furnaces are divided into domestic muffle furnaces and imported muffle furnaces according to nationality. According to the heating elements, there are: electr
    2022-01-25 09:25 74 次
  • Precautions for the use of embedded flat door... Precautions for the use of embedded flat door transfer windows in clean rooms: 1. Materials entering and leaving the clean area must be strictly separated from the flow channel, and enter and exit th
    2022-01-21 15:19 68 次
  • The difference between embedded pass box and ... Embedded flat door transfer window The biggest difference between the embedded flat door transfer window and the pharmaceutical factory flat door transfer window and the ordinary transfer window is th
    2022-01-21 15:16 72 次
  • Operating procedures for hand-held planktonic... product description The hand-held planktonic sampler is mainly used in clean workshops with high requirements on cleanliness such as the electronics industry and the pharmaceutical industry. This buil
    2022-01-17 10:11 63 次
  • The laser dust particle counter is used as th... The laser dust particle counter is used as the "ceiling" for environmental control analysis, and these use safety should not be ignored The main application of the laser dust particle counter is th
    2022-01-10 08:14 100 次
  • What can and cannot be done when using a clea... What to do 1. Always minimize clutter. A decontamination bench is not a locker. The presence of debris impedes laminar flow around the work area. Plus, the mess makes cleaning work surfaces very diffi
    2022-01-08 08:27 63 次
  • The clean workbench keeps contaminants from h... The clean workbench is a kind of air purification equipment that provides a partially dust-free and sterile working environment. It can artificially control the emission of polluted air in the work ar
    2021-12-27 08:50 95 次
  • Enhanced aerosol generator performance The aerosol generator is used for integrity test or leak source search test in high efficiency air filtration system. Filter manufacturers use this device to scan ULPA and HEPA (ultra high efficiency,
    2021-12-20 10:19 77 次
  • Passing box: the safe passage of the clean ro... As the auxiliary machine and equipment of the clean room, the transfer window is mainly used to transfer small objects between the clean area and the clean area, and between the non-clean area and th
    2021-12-13 09:14 98 次
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