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  • Questions about the audit trail 2 11. Question: Can the person in charge of the laboratory have administrator authority, for example, to implement audit trail review? Answer: Yes, as long as she/he does not personally perform analy
    2020-09-03 08:14 231 次
  • Some questions about the audit trail 1. Question: Is the analysis data generated during the verification of the analysis method considered critical data? Answer: No. Because these data are released after the verification process is co
    2020-09-03 08:12 226 次
  • Application scope of Class II safety cabinet Class II safety cabinet application scope _ the working principle of class II safety cabinet is mainly used for clinical diagnosis, teaching and to group related to serious diseases in the broad spect
    2020-09-01 08:11 200 次
  • The difference between biochemical incubator ... Incubator, with refrigeration and heating bi-directional temperature regulating system, temperature control function, is plant, micro, genetic, virus, medical, environmental protection and other scien
    2020-08-31 08:52 214 次
  • Aerosol generator Aerosol generator suitable for air flow ≤ 50000m3/h, can produce large 0.5-2 × 1013p /h of polydispersity aerosols. It can meet the requirements of HEPA filter testing for all small clean unit to larg
    2020-08-29 08:35 217 次
  • SW-CJ-2FD Product description of clean bench SW-CJ-2FD Product description ofclean bench Product characteristics 1. Arbitrary positioning sliding door system is adopted 2, the shell adopts cold-rolled plate spray molding, the work t
    2020-08-26 08:00 199 次
  • What materials are commonly used in laborator... Laboratory fume hood materials are generally used: all steel, stainless steel, all wood, steel wood, pp, FRP and other materials. The structure of the fume hood in the laboratory furniture mainly i
    2020-08-25 08:11 262 次
  • Stainless steel air shower has become an impo... Air shower can be divided into: top air shower, single air shower, single double air shower, single triple air shower, double double air shower, double double double air shower, multi-person double ai
    2020-08-22 10:22 226 次
  • Effect of wind speed on filter In most cases, the lower the wind speed, the better the filter works. The diffusion effect of dust with small particle size (Brownian motion) is obvious. As the wind speed is low, the airflow will st
    2020-08-20 08:54 198 次
  • Filter specification 1. The filter is mainly used to catch dust particles below 0.3um and various suspended objects. Adopt ultrafine glass fiber paper as filter material, each machine is tested by nano flame method, it ha
    2020-08-19 08:48 198 次
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