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  • The 6-point function of the fume hood is simp... The main function of the fume hood is the exhaust function. In the chemical laboratory, various harmful gases, odors, moisture, and flammable, explosive, and corrosive substances are generated during
    2021-07-23 13:32 168 次
  • Advantages of all-steel clean bench Advantages of all-steel clean bench 1. The steel-wood structure is the exterior color steel plate, the work area is stainless steel, the all-steel structure is the whole machine cold plate spray, and
    2021-07-12 08:12 153 次
  • laminar flow cabinet The production of air purification: the production environment where the air is filtered** was first used by the aerospace industry. Even an extremely small defect can cause satellite work errors. The
    2021-07-01 10:16 161 次
  • Particle Detector With the development of electronics, precision processing, military, medical, pharmaceutical, food production and other industries, the requirements for the control of dust particles and bacterial par
    2021-06-22 08:34 151 次
  • Clean room aseptic and dust-free conditions a... Compared with foreign countries, the research and application of air cleaning technology in my country is relatively late compared with foreign countries. However, the dust-free and aseptic conditions
    2021-06-16 07:37 215 次
  • Selection strategy of dust particle counter As an instrument for the number and size of particles in the air, the dust particle counter can provide a basis for the assessment of air cleanliness and can also be used to monitor the filtering effe
    2021-06-11 08:13 228 次
  • Illuminance meter used like this An illuminance meter (or lux meter) is an instrument that specifically measures luminosity and brightness. It is to measure the light intensity (illuminance) is the degree to which the object is illum
    2021-06-07 07:54 220 次
  • Pass box has a trick to control pollution and... The transfer window is an effective device to prevent pollution. Its characteristic is that the double doors are interlocked, which effectively reduces the number of times that staff enter the clean r
    2021-06-05 15:19 243 次
  • FFU and laminar flow hood Are FFU and laminar flow hood the same thing? Not many words, direct dry goods, first understand the summary of each: FFU is equipped with primary and high-efficiency two-stage filters. The fan sucks
    2021-06-01 07:39 296 次
  • About laboratory fume hoods As we all know, the laboratory bench, like the fume hood, is an important type of laboratory equipment, and is the most commonly used exhaust equipment in the laboratory, which brings a good environme
    2021-05-22 14:29 239 次
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