Y09-3016 Laser Particle Counter

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摘要: Y09-3016 Laser Particle Counter Instruction Manual Catalogue I. Principle Introduction II. Main Characters and Parameter III. Application IV. Function Instruction V. Operation Instruction VI. PC software Operation VII. Attachment I. Principle Introduction Y09-3016 Laser Parti


Laser Particle Counter

Instruction Manual



I. Principle Introduction


II. Main Characters and Parameter


III. Application


IV. Function Instruction


V. Operation Instruction


VI. PC software Operation


VII. Attachment







I. Principle Introduction

Y09-3016 Laser Particle Counter adopts the principle of light scattering, when the suspended particles in the air after a photosensitive area, scattering and its particle size with a certain proportion of luminous flux, get treated by photoelectric conversion, amplification and be harvested equivalent diameter and number of particles.


II. Main Characters and Parameter

1.Overall size:130*220*45mm³(W*D*H)

2.Relative Humidity: 20--75RH

3.Max power:8W

4.Power supply:

5.Particle size distribution channel:0.3、0.5、13510µm)

6.Sampling flow:2.83L/min

7.Temperature: 10-30℃

8.Relative Humidity: 20--75RH

9.Aerosphere Pressure: 86-106kPa

10.Maxim Dust Concentration: 35000 particles/ m³@0.5µm

11.Self-purification time:10min


III. Application

This counter is used to measure per unit volume in clean environment in the air of dust particle size and number, can be directly testing the cleanliness level for the clean environment in grade three hundred thousand to ten.

This instrument adopts the semiconductor laser light source, LCD display, its small volume, light weight, high detection accuracy, operation simple and clear function, computer control, can be stored, printed sampling results, test the clean environment is very convenient.Widely used in electronic, optical, chemical, food, cosmetics, medicine, biological products, aerospace and other departments for public health.



IV. Function Instruction

 Front panel

Contains the LCD panel and eight function keys:

“Reset”, “Test”, “Print”, “Exit”, “▲”, “▼”, “OK”, “Mode”



LCD display is controlled by computer, the process as show below:


Boot screen:



1.Setting screen:

     Press OKto enter the setting screen

     Each time you press the "▼" button, the cursor is in turn down, each time you press the "▲" button, when the cursor move in turn, accompanied by warning tone.When the cursor moves to date, press the "OK" button to enter interface adjustment date. Press the "OK" button to save the current Settings and exit.Other functions set up the same operation.
Measuring location: 000-999 arbitrary adjustable, 000 said don't care about the location, the rest can be set for yourself.
Clear data: data for clear memory, 0 :no clear memory, if you want to remove the memory will be according to "OK" button change 0 to 5,then press “OK”.Numbers turn to nine said clear all memory((Do not easily turn to 5)


2.Searching screen:

     Press OKagain, the searching screen as show below:


   Screen to the upper right corner of the F: 0.00 L/min said sampling pump closed, T: 00060 s means sampling period to 60 seconds.0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10 (including m) said sampling particles particle size, the value behind the number show the quantity of particles.L: 000 said the address number is 0, 2016/10/12 said the last time sample save date, joyfully said the last time samples to save time.W: OFF said close observation function.P: OFF said printing function to shut down, press the "Print" button to open (ON).S: OFF said close the saving  function, press "OK" button to open (ON).R: 0012/1000 means it stores the data of the 12 data in Max 1000 .According to "bring" or "▼" key can watch store measurement data.

3.Testing screen:

       Press “Test” button to sample:



After press "sampling" button, the screen F: 0.00 L/min to F: 2.83 L/min (sampling flow).T: 060 into T: 00001/060 incremental change (001-001), when press the "mode" key to open the W: ON, said observe function open, screen real-time display the current cycle change as shown in figure 6, the number of sampling particles the function of the "mode" key to switch between the three kinds of display mode.


V. Operation Instruction

1. Preparation
(1). Open the power switch, press the "OK" key to screen set to testing interface, watch battery symbol, if the battery is not enough, then insert the ac adapter "outlet", to recharge the battery, the instrument at the same time also can be used for normal operation.

(2). Preheat for one minute.

(3). Connect with the sampling port and filter port,press”OK” twice to enter testing interface. Open the “Test” to make the instrument from the net zero.

(4).The operation steps

The sampling head in the “sample”

Under the setting screen press  “▲”, “▼” and “OK” button to set the required parameters. If database reset, move the cursor to the data reset,(the number 0 turn to 5 number) then press “OK” until number change into the “9”. If do not modify the working parameters, press”OK” button to enter directly testing interface.

Press the "OK" button to enter after measuring interface, press the "Test", open the pump source sampling test, the collected data.If ideal sampling results, press the "OK" key, the LCD screen below the "Rec" to ON, sampling data storage, or press "OK" button, the "Rec" to OFF.Press the "Mode" button, switch display mode.According to "▲" and "▼" key, in the first and the third state can flip observe one cycle before sampling record.Then press the "Test", it is closed.
When testing interface, if need to change the working parameters, press "Exit" to return to the parameter setting state


VI. PC software Operation

1.Find the instruments attached the delivery of the U disk, its internal file copy and the software to a computer. driver installation, double-click the software driver package or unzip the files, double-click the subdirectory "setup.exe file, click on the installation, the installation is complete will popup dialog prompt after the installation is complete.

3.End, with the probability of the USB cable link instruments, end link to the computer.

4.Open the instrument power supply, do not click the "start" button, sampling interface communication if click on this button will lead to abnormal, cause data errors double-click on a computer at this time "the dust particle counter data acquisition system", the software install software for free.Interface as shown in the figure below:

Screen as following:

5.Click on "connect" button interface, the software will automatically identify instrument type and serial number

6.Click the interface "collect" button, the software will automatically read the instrument on the test data, if the number is more, to read the time will be slightly longer

click "query" button on the interface, will pop up the following



7.Here only provide according to the time query mode, the query please tick in the box, before the time and select the start time and click "ok" button, query this period of time to collect data.
8.Click "Delete" button on the interface, will delete alldata within the instrument, if you want to delete the local data, please click on the "Derive" button, the data can be exported to a computer and save into EXCEL format text, just modify, and delete data in EXCEL
9.Click after measuring data type drop-down dialog box, can be in "particle counting sampling data" and "particle counting confidence data" switch.

VII. Attachment
ISO standard:Clean room and clean area selected columns of suspended particle cleanliness level
ISO Level(N) Be considered in the table is greater than or equal to the maximum concentration limit of particle size(pc/m3Air concentration limit according to the formula in 3.2)
0.1μm 0.2μm 0.3μm 0.5μm 1μm 5μm
ISO Class 1 10 2
ISO Class 2 100 24 10 4
ISO Class 3 1 000 237 102 35 8
ISO Class 4 10 000 2 370 1 020 352 83
ISO Class 5 100 000 23 700 10 200 3 520 832 29
ISO Class 6 1 000 000 237 000 102 000 35 200 8 320 293
ISO Class 7 352 000 83 200 2 930
ISO Class 8 3 520 000 832 000 29 300
ISO Class 9 35 200 000 8 320 000 293 000
Note:Because of the uncertainty of the measurement process, the requirement with three effective data to determine the concentration of grade level.

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