Y09-010 Somke Generator

日期:2024-07-21 05:32
摘要: Y09-010 Somke Generator Instruction Manual Catalogue I. Principle Introduction II. Main Part III. Product Feature IV. Application Environment V. Technical Parameters VI. Attention VII. Operating Instructions VIII.Structure Declaration


Somke Generator

Instruction Manual



I.  Principle Introduction

II. Main Part

III. Product Feature

IV. Application Environment

V. Technical Parameters

VI. Attention

VII. Operating Instructions

VIII.Structure Declaration












I.  Principle Introduction


Y09-010 type gas flow smoke generator is economical and practical product, this product by using the principle of ultrasonic atomization, the pure water with ultrasonic atomization into 1-10 microns of a large number of water mist, in under the action of external pressure, through the smoke tube, can present a relatively thick smoke, in multiple industries, especially in the cleanroom industry test state air distribution is very intuitive.


II. Main Part

Smoke generator consists of the following parts:



Ø2.atomization device

Ø3.outside wind pressure device

Ø4.fog guide

Ø5.drainage device

Ø6.with qualify for leakage power connection

Ø7.waterproof dc power supply

Ø8.waterproof step-down unit


III. Product Feature


Last 20 minutes above smoke level (best)

Can connect curtain form smoke smoke tube (the longest can be extended to  3 m)

Ultra-low mute

A key start, to numerous reduction.

Ultra pure spray pollution-free

Test for 1-10000 grade purification workshop



IV. Application Environment


Clean room laminar flow test


Airflow balance test


Chemical processing equipment exhaust system test


Personnel safety discharge system verification


The room inside and outside pressure balance


Duct leakage test






V. Each Component Specification


External power supplyØ Ø

AC 220 v, 50 hz

Water best capacity

best level is advisable


280 * 300 * 310 mm (length x width x height)


10.8 Kg,


DC 45 v


350 w

Output fog quantity

7000 + 500 ml/hr

Atomized particle size

1-10 microns

Smoke output rate

0.95 m3 / min

Best atomized water level range

28 mm

Fogging height

120 ~ 150 mm

Applicable water conductivity

0.15 ~ 1.00 ms/cm


VI. Attention

Please observe the operating manuals and maintenance instructions, in order to avoid the danger of by electric shock and make sure the machine safe operation.


Keep the tank clean.Please do not to the casing on the clutter.

Ensure the power supply has reliable grounding.

Please make sure to add liquid for pure water.Otherwise will affect the service life of the product.It is forbidden to join oily medium.

Before use, please make sure the power is 220 v, 50 hz, and with the bottom line.

The case should be placed, not tilted or inverted.

After use, should be cut off or unplug the power plug out the remaining water side by side.

Water should be added to the best level interval advisable, too much too little will influence the concentration of the smoke.

Equipment all accessories have tried to choose waterproof, but also try to avoid water spray or immersion in water.

Tank water temperature can't above 50 .

Avoid atomizer placed next to the electronic equipment work, in order to avoid water spray wet damage electrical equipment.

Please pay attention to the drying box, when using surface can not have water, such as there is water on its surface please immediately cut off the power after wiping clean and dry after use.

Please after the practical, stored in a dry place.


VII. Operating Instructions


With water in the water mouth to join the purified water, it is best to use a funnel.Please main water when the water, with the best water level interval position is most appropriate.(please pay attention not to add water when sprinkled on the device)

The smoke corrugated pipe connected to the chassis smoke hole.

To insert the 220 v, 50 hz power outlet, please ensure that the power supply has been grounded.

Atomization button, indicator lights, smoke can from water injection wells mouth mouth/hair mist.If there is no smoke out of the smoke pipe, please confirm whether the water level too high or too low and the external power supply is normal, after adjusting the machine begin to work.

Range using small area can use a smoke tube, can use the second tube series area increases.Also can according to need not directly use hard line, concrete by user according to the actual environment.

Smoke for a long time can have water droplets in the smoke outlet, when there is a temperature difference that moisture condensation, belongs to the normal phenomenon.

After using, please don't pull out hose immediately, because of the internal condensation water, the hose should be set up to let water into water tank after pull out after collection, and packing after dry water droplets on the ground.

After using please put through the drain of the water in the tank.When water can drain direction tilt the enclosure, so that the internal water could be cleaner emissions, in case of long time storage produced sewage quality, affect the service life of the smoke detector.


VIII.Structure Declaration

1. Major Structure:


2. Power Input Wire:

USES is with leakage protection plug 10 a, into 220 v, 50 hz reliable grounding line requirements

3. Liquid Level Display:

2. Drainage Device

Drainage device is set at the bottom, near the caravan guards place, can touch by hand.

Drainage needs to be black plug pulled out.

Note: when you pull out plug to hold the junction blue ring.