8411 electric vibration sieve machine

日期:2024-06-24 13:03
摘要: 8411 electric vibration sieve machine A, 8411 electric vibration sieve machine 8411 electric vibration sieve machine (also called swing vibration instrument, particlesample instrument or swinging sieve) is the ceramic, building materials, abrasive,food, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, feed and other industries idealscreening equipment, has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, timing control, mobile c

8411 electric vibration sieve machine   

A, 8411 electric vibration sieve machine  

8411 electric vibration sieve machine (also called swing vibration instrument, particlesample instrument or swinging sieve) is the ceramic, building materials, abrasive,food, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, feed and other industries idealscreening equipment, has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, timing control, mobile convenient etc..8411 electric vibration sieve machine can be equipped with a variety of specifications of the square holes, circular hole standard sieve, is necessary laboratory equipment, sieve set optionally from 20-300 head.   

Two, 8411 electric vibration sieve machine use scope 

Soil analysis, abrasive abrasive, powder metallurgy, the coal electricity, mineral grain selection, light industry ceramics, cement, construction sand chemical, marinescientific research, ore crushing, college experiment, metal processing, oil coal field,gravity - magnetic detection, sample. 

Electric vibration sieve machine applicable objects: plastic, aluminum, zinc and other metal dust, sand, clay, screw, food, medicine, tea, fruits, dehydrated vegetable powder etc..  


Three, 8411 electric vibration sieve   

1、Sieve set specifications: 20-300 mesh, can according to need to configure  

2、Can be installed screen height: 360mm,  

3、the sieve diameter: 200mm, 

4、Screen vibration frequency: 1400 rpm,

5、Power: 120W

6、Sieve layers: layer 7

7、size: 330*380*790 

8、Weight: 30KG

9、Voltage: 220V  

Four, 8411 electric vibration sieve machine instructions   

1、In accordance with the standards on sieve analysis, should be strictly in accordance with the size of mesh sequence overlapping, at the same time, plus a sieve chassis.  

2、Screening tests will need the material into the most upper sieve, cover good screen,then press on the electric vibration sieve machine (Zhen Baiyi) bearing screen seat.   

3、Vibration sieve machine reversal clamp sieve bakelite handle on the disc, will the whole clamp sieve tray to slide in sleeve on the screen, then, then clockwise rotating clamps sieve tray bakelite handle, the push rod inside the shaft clamping bearing seat, the whole sample sieve solid tight.  

4、The electric vibration sieve machine (pendulum) timer knob on the dial to sieve the required time, turn on the power switch, swing will start screen rotary work.  

5、Wait for the timer reaches the location first time, electric vibration sieve machine(pendulum) stops working automatically.  

6、Anti clockwise rotation clamp sieve bakelite handle on the disc will be the centralscreen disc release and up, fixed on the sliding sleeve, remove the sample sieve. In turn will be after the analysis of each number sieve residue in grain with balance weighing accurate to analyzing proportion.   

7、The initial work without vibration, because the motor reversal, please put the powerto change the thread.  

8、 the end of the work, turn off the power. Tongqi company can also according to thespecial needs, user customization: Phi 25, Phi 30, Phi 40 and other specialspecifications of the vibration sieve machine.