How to debug the Laminar flow cabinet

日期:2024-06-24 02:42
How to debug the Laminar flow cabinet
Before delivery,Laminar flow cabinet have through strict test to ensure the normal use. But this is not to say that, the factory test can replace the operator before use the necessary testing and debugging. Because of the different condition,the laminar flow cabinet express maximize the role of the equipment only after proper tested and debugged.
To place it in a sterile room air disinfection facilities are the best.If conditions do not be allowed, then the machine should be placed in a less people and the clean room.
Adjust the height of the foot, in order to ensure the safety and operation levels below. Super clean the workbench's power supply should use a dedicated circuit, in order to avoid circuit overload a change of air velocity.
To be compared with Sterile covers,The laminar flow cabinet has allowed the operator free activity, easy to operate in any place, and ultraviolet germicidal lamps and lighting fluorescent lamp is super clean workbench standard configuration, blower provide air flow dynamics, is clear of these components is working correctly.
The most difficult and most important is to check the air filter plate and sealing, it is directly related to the normal use of the machine. The most simple method of inspection is the nutrient AGAR plate method. Newly purchased and long unused ultraclean workbench except irradiation with uv lamp, etc, best can fumigation processing, and then in the corners of the operation area when the machine is in working state and the center of each put an open nutrient AGAR plate, two hours back cover cover and 37 ℃ cultivation in 24 hours, calculate the number of colonies. The average AGAR colony count must be less than 0.5.
How to debug the Laminar flow cabinet