The operating procedure of Laminar flow cabinet

日期:2024-05-21 21:57
1. The preparatory work before using the laminar flow cabinet:
(1) check to prepare all kinds of sterilization breeding and test items are complete. 
(2) open the exhaust system in the room. Eliminate opened the cage box escape of gas.
(3) check the atomizer spraying effect and super clean inside and outside wipe with whether or not the liquid has been configured.
(4) records impact experimental animal breeding, growth, development of main environment parameter, such as temperature, relative humidity, temperature differences, cage box inside and outside pressure.
(5) open fan, super clean workbench purification internal environment. Open the lamp to work intensity of illumination.

2. Laminar flow cabinet operation procedures and specifications
(1) appropriate to super clean workbench move the door down. Between the open end of the IVC cage lifted the lid of fastening buckle and open LongGai. Lie on one side.
(2) gloves appearance with liquid medicine atomizer fully spraying hands , disinfection sterilization and stained with dust on the surface of the stick, prevent into the super net platform were laminar gas blowing. Can also be used in gloves hands immersed in liquid in the container, salvage and twist dry towel of liquids, dry gloves outside the droplet, and clean the cage box appearance.
(3) use both hands gently lift the IVC cage outside the box end, along the cage frame put offshoring to launch box, on the super clean bench next to the stainless steel trolley.
(4) personnel take disposable face mask, cap, and a medical latex gloves..
(5) opened the door of ultraclean the worktable and the box into the cage ultraclean workbench.