The experience of air filter

日期:2024-04-22 13:42

                                              The experience of air filter
New public air filter today to some experience in the selection of air filter when you explain: customers in the selection of effective air filter area is greater than the air flow through the filter. The filter area called " the effective filtration area ". In addition to filter lowefficiency, the effective filtration area often air filter windward. Several times, dozens of times, sometimes up to one hundred times.Caught mainly in the dust filter material of the windward side. The effective filtration area in air filter, dust can contain as much, the service life is long air filter. The large effective area, through the wind speed per unit area is low, the air filter resistance is small.Increase the effective filtration area of the most significant means to extend service life of the filter. Experience has shown that, for the same structure, the same filter material of the filter, when the final resistance determined: the filter area increased by 50%, the service life of air filter will be prolonged by 70% ~ 80%; doubled, the service life of air filter: about 3 times as the original. Filter, air filter, the price will increase accordingly, but certainly not as prolonged increase air filter life range. Furthermore, the effective area is large, the early resistance is reduced, system energy consumption will decline. For users, the large effective area of air filter must be.

Of course, want to consider the possibility of increasing the effective filtration area according to the specific structure and site conditions of air filter. Such as bag filter, can increase the quantity and the length of the filter bag filter bag; separator air filter for traditional, with the manufacturers to reduce the interval partition to increase the fold number of filter paper; for the design project, can choose to hold the filter air filter material much. High efficiency filter must be tested one by one in foreign countries, manufacturing plant by test: it is self-evident things to the high efficiency filter. In the very particular about the factory, to test HEPA filter just under the production line, can the air filter out 3% of the points, most of which can be restored into qualified products, but there are still about 1% and scrapped due to irreparable. Manufacturers in China, to test just off the high efficiency air filter, a failure rate of 3% ~ 10%, the extreme case of the failure rate can be as high as 30%. Sadly enough, two, hundreds of domestic high-efficiency filter manufacturing plant, the test method is less than 10%, which can hold one by one test the manufacturer: can be counted on one's fingers. Lots oftests without the high efficiency filter into the market, and many users do not pursue. Visual: do not check air filter leak. For high purityapplications, a leak of the air filter is enough to make the whole project failure. So, each a HEPA filter in the factory, must carry on thestandard performance test in the test machine. Once chosen without high efficiency air filter by test, the user will have to bear the risk of failure in engineering.

The air filter manufacturers may use the test method of the two different, the user may favour or suspicion of specific methods. The basic principle, the manufacturer must have a routine test for each set of high efficiency air filters, and specific test methods can on the other. Most manufacturers hold third of HEPA filter test report or certificate of identification. The performance of these files onlyrepresentative samples, does not guarantee that your air filter to choose whether or not qualified. Most of the time, more third partyreport to show business people, the more people to doubt his own really means test, two really of high efficiency air filter by benchtest. There is a strange phenomenon, long-term since many manufacturers and scientific research departments continue to develophigh efficiency air filters, but very few people to worry about detection means, that used to say that results in a large, a decent productis not seen. Until 2001, there are still people who want to develop the so-called " 0.1mm high efficiency air filter ".

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