• PRODUCT:Atmosphere protection box furnace QSXL-1002

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■Features of atmospheric protection box furnace: ■ Atmosphere protection box-type furnace can be introduced with corrosive gas to prevent oxidation and decarburization of high-temperature heated workpieces ■ The resistance wire is heated on all sides, evenly heated, and the shell is made of high-quality thin steel plate with plastic-sprayed surface and integrated production ■ Atmosphere protect

Atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace QSXL-1002

The model of the atmosphere protection program-controlled box-type electric furnace is in accordance with the national machinery industry JB4311.7-91 standard. The electric furnace has a LTDE programmable control system. The electric furnace shell is made of high-quality cold plate and section steel. The shell is high temperature plastic-sprayed. The back and front of the electric furnace adopt a specific manufacturing process with air inlet and outlet devices, which can be injected with corrosive gas to prevent oxidation and decarburization of the high-temperature heated workpiece, This electric furnace is suitable for other high temperature annealing, tempering and other heat treatment processes requiring various gas protection. Thirty-band programmable microcomputer control, with powerful programming function, can control the heating rate, temperature rise, constant temperature, multi-band curve arbitrary setting, optional software can connect to the computer, monitor and record the temperature data, making the reproducibility of the test possible. The instrument is equipped with electric shock and leakage protection system and two-stage over-temperature automatic protection function to ensure the safety of the user and the instrument. This furnace is applicable to the low purity atmosphere protection experiment. If you need high purity atmosphere protection, please select our vacuum atmosphere box furnace and vacuum box furnace as required

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