• PRODUCT:JL-1/1C JLY-2/2C Colony counter

  • PRODUCT:JL-1/1C JLY-2/2C
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Colony counter is a kind of digital display semi-automatic bacteria inspection instrument. It is composed of counter, probe pen and counting pool.

JL-1/1C   JLY-2/2C Colony counter

Colony counter is a kind of digital display semi-automatic bacteria inspection instrument. It is composed of counter, probe pen and counting pool. The counter is designed and manufactured by CMOS integrated circuit. In the counting pool with black depth background, the energy-saving ring lamp is used for side lighting, and the bacterial colony contrast is clear. According to the bacterial count test procedure, the instrument display is designed as a three-digit number. When the number of bacterial colonies in a petri dish exceeds 999, the test sample shall be diluted and redone to ensure the accuracy of the count.

 This instrument can reduce the labor intensity of the experimenter and improve the efficiency and quality of work. Products are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, biological products, sanitary products, drinking water, industrial wastewater, clinical specimens in the number of bacteria test. It is a necessary instrument for health and anti-epidemic stations, environmental monitoring stations, food hygiene supervision and inspection institutes, hospitals, biological products institutes, drug inspection institutes, food factories, daily chemical factories, colleges and universities, and laboratories of scientific research institutes.

Model JL-1 JL-1C JLY-2 JLY-2C
Counter capacity
0-999 0-999 0-999 0-999
LED light source lamp power
7W 7W 7W 7W
Enlarging magnitude
5-10 times 5-10 times 5-10 times 5-10 times
Charging function
No Yes No Yes
Charging standby time
No 30 days No 30 days
Voice count off
No No Yes Yes
power supply voltage
Counting cell size
Colony pen
2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
whole machine size
230*230*90mm 230*230*90mm 230*230*90mm 230*230*90mm
Weight 2kg 2kg 2kg 2kg

a. Turn on the power, turn the switch to count the light in the pool, the display shows “000”, insert the probe plug into the jack of the instrument, press the “Reset” button to zero to put the instrument into working state.

b. Place the dish to be tested.

c. Use the probe to count all the colonies on the bottom of the dish. One point per point should be heard to be effective, otherwise it should be focused. At this point, the colonies that are clicked are marked with colors, and the displayed numbers are automatically accumulated.

d. Check carefully with a magnifying glass to confirm that the points are not missing and the counting is completed.

e. The number in the display is the number of colonies in the dish.

f. Remove the culture dish after recording the number. Press the "Reset" button and the display will enter the initial state.

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