• PRODUCT:ZJSJ-012 Aerosol generator

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Aerosol generators are required in many practical tests, and it is desirable to continuously and stably produce concentration-adjusted aerosol particles with a fixed particle size distribution. Spray aerosol generators mostly have specially designed nozzles. Compressed air is blown into the liquid to be atomized through an annular slit. The shear force between the air injection port and the liquid

Aerosol generator ZJSJ-012


Air filter equipment test: The use of aerosol generator to produce high concentration of particles, and the particle radius is close to the most penetrating particle radius MPPS, used to detect the filtration efficiency of the particles and detect the location of filter leakage, commonly used Aerosol materials include DEHS, DOP, Emery 3004, salt solutions, and PSL spheres.
Tuning and testing of helium aerosol measuring devices: atomizing monodisperse PSL beads for instrument calibration, such as aerosol particle size spectrometers, laser particle counters, aerosol photometers, etc., are also typical applications for atomizing generators.
Radon Aerosol Basic Research
Inhalation toxicity study

Turbulent field tracing

large wind tunnel research

Performance parameter
Air suspension particle output range: 50 - 8,100 cubic feet per minute (1.4-229m3min)
Suspension particle concentration: 100 μg / liter at 810 cubic feet per minute flow rate
Suspension particle concentration: 10 μg / liter at 8100 cubic feet per minute when flow
Generation type : 7 Laskin Nozzle nozzles
Compressed air: 3 to 18 cubic feet per minute at 20 psi
Particles: PAO, DOP, polydisperse
Helium gas type: particles of various diameters (cold state)
Power supply : No instrument size required: height 235 × width 150 × length 250 mm
 Instrument weight: 3.6kg
 Power requirements: no need
Material: SUS304 stainless steel

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