• PRODUCT:All steel fume hood

  • PRODUCT:ZJ-TFG-12/15/18
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TFG series ventilation cabinet is integrated with water, electricity, gas and ventilation. It is equipped with multifunctional socket inside. The window is designed into automatic balance type and is equipped with proper poise for taking its place easily.

All steel fume hood

l Shell description: The shell is made of 1.0mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate in CNC machining center, cutting, positioning, punching, bending and welding. After pickling and phosphating, the epoxy resin powder is sprayed and cured at high temperature. High adhesion and beautiful appearance.


l  Inner shell description: 5mm gray anti-double board, laboratory-specific material. It has a detachable maintenance hole for easy maintenance of circuits, waterways and air lines.


l Operation table description: It adopts 12.7mm solid core physicochemical plate countertop, which is resistant to acid and alkali, chemical solvent corrosion, non-toxic and long service life.


l Fluorescent lamp description: The fluorescent lamp is hidden at the top and does not come into contact with the airflow inside the fume hood, making it easy to replace. It adopts a 12W LED lamp and is equipped with 5mm tempered glass.


l Handle description: pvc bar handle.


l  Deflector description: 5mm anti-double plate, laboratory-specific materials.


l  Power Description: Multi-function splash-proof power socket


l  Window description: pvc plastic profile frame, the window is made of tempered glass, and adopts a stepless balance device, which can move up and down and adjust freely.


l  Collector cover description: Made of PP material, integrated, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant!


l Distribution box description: It meets the requirements of 220V and 380V power supply and has motor protection device.


l Control switch description: 12V liquid crystal touch switch, centralized control of the entire circuit system.


l  Process description: After all the steel plates are welded by epoxy resin powder, there is no solder joint visually. All water, electricity, and gas circuits are required to be safe, suitable, and concealed. Maintenance holes are provided on both sides of the cabinet for maintenance and security inspection.


l Three baffles discharge harmful gases in different height spaces from different sections. The fume hood discharges the air in the fume hood at an operating surface wind speed of 0.5 m/sec to ensure that no residual gas is present. The ventilation efficiency is high, the exhaust air volume is about 1600m3/h, and the noise is small.


l Lower cabinet door panel: 1.0mm high quality cold-rolled steel plate (double layer), non-welded connection with removable cushion. After forming in the CNC machining center, cutting, positioning and punching, and bending and welding, the epoxy resin powder is sprayed and cured at a high temperature after pickling and phosphating.

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