• PRODUCT:101 series digital type drying oven

  • PRODUCT:101 series
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Digital drum wind drying oven/drying chamber


      Adopt electric heating and hot air circulation as heating mode, the electric heater and hot air circulation system will start when working. There are many air deflectors on both sides of the oven, the hot air will be made into the oven through them and to form the hot airflow. The Return air system layout in the top oven is used to make the hot air re-enter into the air supply unit. Then the hot air will be heated again until it reaches the required temperature.



       The whole structure has good performance in thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation. Besides,it has novel and attractive appearance, and has high strength, rigidity, stability, impact resistance, high earthquake resistance performance and good corrosion resistance characteristics.

1.     small size, suitable for small working space

2.  It is an ideal laboratory drying oven which is light and easy to move.

3.    With the glass observation window, users can watch the heating in the operation room.

4.   The inner container is made of high quality cold rolled sheet.

5. We can be customized upon your requirements.


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