• PRODUCT:PAU-1000 mobile air self-purifier

  • PRODUCT:PAU-1000
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PAU-1000 mobile air self-purifier 1.Mobile Air self-purifier 2.HEPA blow 3.High quality with reasonable price

PAU-1000 mobile type self-purifier

     This is a kind of air purifying equipment used for providing partial purifying environment. It is composed by primary-efficiency air filter, fan, high-efficiency air filter and box body. The outer case is made from cold-rolled steel plate and the surface is finished with varnish. It is simple in structure and convenient to use. It may start indoor air circulation after installed. So it is suitable for the condition when cleanness is 10000~100000 level and working place has to be changed frequently.
      It has been widely used in small areas, such as sterile room, laboratory, pure water and filled water plant, drinks plant, milk product plant, food plant and wine plant. It is an ideal equipment for food plant passing QS authentication.
The outer case of air self-purifying unit is made from cold-rolled steel plate and varnish. It is equipped with primary-efficiency filter screen, air supply static pressure box, high-efficiency filter and flow plate, as well as is equipped with wind-speed regulation device so that wind speed is regulated according to actual condition. The purifying level on outlet may be up to thousand level and that on bench may be up to ten thousand level.It is equipped with mobile paddle wheel and adjustable jack on the bottom of this air purifying unit. It may be moved to needed place and fixed there, so it is convenient and flexible to operate. It adopts variable wind speed fan system and multi-shift timing system to keep wind speed in partial working area in ideal state all the time.


PAU-1000 mobile air self-purifier

Filtration efficiency

≥99.97%@ ≥0.5μm

The average wind speed

1.2~2 m/s±20%

Rated air volume

1000sq.m./h averanges

Power supply




Efficient specifications


Appearance size



≤62dB (A)

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