• PRODUCT:SW-CJ-1K wall mounting type air self-purifier

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SW-CJ-1K wall mounting type air self-purifier 1.Wall mounting Type air self-purifier 2.Fatory direct sales 3.Lab air self-purifier
SW-CJ-1K wall hung air purifier 
      SW-CJ-1K wall hung air purifier (need to pick up 160 MMPVC tube) : is the main components of the reconstruction project of clean room ,the setting of suspension height according to the users  different requirements and  emphasis area, return air mouth set according to the width of the room. we can set up for the single point or multi drop return air mouth, and strive to flow uniformity and air span, and install a built-in air sterilization lamp. The product has characteristic of low investment and quick effect, installation is convenient. 

SW-CJ-1K wall hung air purifier (need to pick up 160 mmPVC tube) product features

* dynamic disinfection, no secondary pollution, no corrosion equipment.

* special design, digital display program to be automatic control, can be divided into 1-6 hours, set arbitrary time, and Automatic disinfection
* computer automatic error-detection, alarm, shows fault.

* far infrared ray,  control with LED.

* a set the state, daily repeat operation.

* super mute fan circulation air supply.

* special needs can add ultraviolet lamp or plasma aseptic device (accelerate aseptic speed).



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