• PRODUCT:JC-1200clean sampling vehicle

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clean sampling vehicle 1.Movable and flexible, lightweight 2.Save electricity 3.Low noise 4.Clean sampling vehicle 5.Brakes can be fixed sampling

JC-1200 series clean sampling vehicle

     JC series clean sampling vehicle is used for sampling raw or assistant material of medicament and preparation (except germfree preparation). Our sampling vehicle reaches to ten thousand level of cleanness in accordance with GMP standard. Besides, electric components comply with GB1497—85 (electric safety standard) and GB—19l(packing standard).
Method of use
Move clean sampling vehicle to the place needing sampling. Fix it and connect it to power supply. Turn power supply on and turn fan on.
Regulate voltage to right range (usually220V); put sampling barrel in it after clean sampling vehicle works for 15min.
Take sampling barrel away after sampling. Turn off fan and shut off power supply. Move sampling vehicle to original place.



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