• Types of Laminar Flow Cabinets - Us... Laminar FlowsLaminar air flows can maintain a working area devoid of contaminants. Many medical and research laboratories require sterile working environments in order to carry out specialised work. L
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  • What is an Air shower? What is an Air shower?Anairshoweris a chamber that blows high pressuredairon an individual before he or she enters a controlled area. Theairis forced at high speed through nozzles that are aimed at th
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  • How to prolong the service life of ... We all know that airfilter is ahighconsumables,its service lifeis very short,how toprolongtheservice life ofthe air filter?How to prolong the service life of air filterTo extendtheservice lifeof air f
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  • The experience of air filter The experience of air filterNew publicair filtertoday tosome experiencein the selection ofair filterwhenyou explain:customers in the selection ofeffectiveair filterarea is greater than theair flowthro
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  • Fume hoods, biological safety cabin... Fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, clean benches…What’s the difference?Fume hoods, biological safety cabi- classes, each class has a specific ous chemicals since these chemicals nets
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  • What are the basic differences betw... What are the basic differences between laminar air flow and biosafety hood?Do you know the difference between a laminar flow hood and a biological safety cabinet?Laminar Flow Hoods provide product
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  • The difference between the clean be... The difference between the clean bench and biological safety cabinetBackground:There is considerable confusion regarding both nomenclature and appropriate use of the various types of "hoods" used in l
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  • Full stainless steel Double tower d... Full stainless steel Double tower distilled water machine USER MANUAL1.PRODUCTINTRODUCTIONTheallstainlesssteeltowersteamdistilledwatermachinethatisdesignedandmanufacturedbyourourcompany.itisAccordingt
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