• PRODUCT:HS-840U horizontal air laminar flow cabinet

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HS-840U horizontal air laminar flow cabinet This is a kind of new type horizontal unidirectional clean bench widely used in electron, national defense, precise instrument and apparatus, pharmacy, chemical experiment and so on. HS-840U horizontal air laminar flow cabinet

HS-840U horizontal air Laminar flow cabinet

1. The vertical air flow, closed bench can    effectively prevent outer gas from entering    and preventing peculiar smell in operating area from damaging human body.
2. It adopts wind volume adjustable fan system, light-touch type switch and dual-speed    voltage regulation device to keep wind speed in working area in ideal state.
3. It adopts super thin type aluminum-frame clapboard-free high-efficiency air filter which    reduces static-pressure tank to the smallest size, thus to reduce the size of outer case.
4. This is the newest type bench in present market. The front cover may be opened directly    for exchanging filter, electric components easily.
5 Operate with LED panel.
6The material of the work area is 304 stainless steel.


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