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  • How to deal with the exhaust gas of the fume ... Organic waste gas treatment is to eliminate organic waste gas pollution through various technical measures to reduce fuel consumption, reduce organic solvent consumption or exhaust gas purification. O
    2022-03-21 07:49 68 次
  • Functions, flow directions and precautions of... The transfer window is made of stainless steel plate, smooth and clean. The double doors are interlocked with each other, which can effectively prevent cross-contamination. It is equipped with electro
    2022-03-15 07:35 79 次
  • How to maintain the biological safety cabinet... The working principle of the biological safety cabinet is mainly to suck the air in the cabinet to the outside to keep the negative pressure in the cabinet and protect the staff through vertical airfl
    2022-03-08 09:21 62 次
  • The six components of a dust particle counter The light source is the key component of the dust particle counter and has a great influence on the performance of the instrument. The light source requires high stability, long life, and no interfere
    2022-03-03 08:17 67 次
  • laminar flow cabinet,fume hood and biological... Biological Safety Cabinets - Protecting Personnel and Samples Biological safety cabinets are designed to protect workers, laboratory environments, and experimental products from exposure to infectious
    2022-02-28 08:13 72 次
  • Understand the structure of the air volume ho... In the air conditioning system, the air flow at the tuyere is complex and difficult to measure. The measurement at the branch pipe can delineate the air outlet. The air hood volume adopts the general
    2022-02-24 08:35 56 次
  • The 6-point function of the fume hood The main function of the fume hood is the exhaust function. In the chemical laboratory, various harmful gases, odors, moisture and flammable, explosive and corrosive substances are generated during th
    2022-02-19 08:29 63 次
  • Aerosol Generator Performance Aerosol generators are used for integrity testing or leak source search testing in HEPA systems. Filter manufacturers use the device to scan ULPA and HEPA (Ultra High Efficiency, High Efficiency) filt
    2022-02-14 08:30 70 次
  • Y09-310 Laser Dust Particle Counter update Y09-310 Laser Dust Particle Counter I. Overview A dust particle counter is an instrument used to measure the number and particle size distribution of dust particles per unit volume in a cle
    2022-02-08 08:22 78 次
  • Specifications for the use of air showers 1. Purpose: To ensure the correct and safe use of the air shower, and to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop. 2. Scope: This regulation applies to all personnel who enter the workshop. 3. Operation
    2022-02-01 18:32 73 次
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