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  • Air sampler use, operation method Phytoplankton sampler is a commonly used detection instrument, which can accurately reflect the concentration of microorganisms in the clean room. Today I will mainly introduce the basic application k
    2020-08-18 08:20 196 次
  • Provide autoclave operation The correct operation of the autoclave is an important premise to ensure the safety of personal and property of the operators. The following is the operation procedure of the standard autoclave provid
    2020-08-17 08:21 199 次
  • Interpretation of dust particle counter opera... Dust particle counter is testing the air dust particles distributed particle size and its special equipment, carried out by a microscope, the microscope, settling tube, dust particle counter experienc
    2020-08-15 15:14 192 次
  • Care must be taken in the installation and co... Care must be taken in the installation and commissioning details of the biochemical incubator How to use biochemical incubator 1. Open the box door, put the object to be processed into the shelf on
    2020-08-15 15:13 231 次
  • Air purifiers are classified according to the... According to the application field can be divided into: household air purifier, car air purifier (also known as car air purifier), medical air purifier, industrial air purifier and engineering air pur
    2020-08-10 14:08 190 次
  • How to maintain the air cover capture hood? How to maintain the air cover? The hood can be used to make accurate measurements over a long period of time. Some parts can be cleaned periodically. Please follow the instructions below. 1. Pre
    2020-08-10 14:06 204 次
  • How should choose and buy suit his stainless ... Stainless steel transfer window is currently widely used in need of clean environment, stainless steel pass the air shower type transfer window is installed in the clean room, biological laboratory ho
    2020-07-24 09:42 231 次
  • Stainless steel air shower has become an impo... Air shower rooms can be divided into top shower rooms, single shower rooms, single double shower rooms, single triple shower rooms, double double shower rooms, double triple shower rooms, and more. Do
    2020-07-24 09:41 228 次
  • XW-18DL+ Vortex mixer XW-18DL+ Vortex mixer Vortex mixer is mainly used for solvent mixture, liquid-liquid extraction, protein deposition, Chinese herbal medicine extraction, extraction, cell pesticide residues particle
    2020-07-24 09:41 222 次
  • Wh-1 temperature and humidity pressure differ... Wh-1 temperature and humidity pressure difference tester 1. An overview of the Wh-1 temperature and humidity differential pressure tester adopts imported sensors to monitor the micro-pressure diff
    2020-07-24 09:40 238 次
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